Panoral Radiograph / Xray

  • South Down Dental Clinic

    Procedure time

    1-2 minutes

What is the treatment?

Our exceptional facilities at South Down Dental Clinic allow us to provide first-rate Panoral Radiography services.

The Panoral Radiograph produces an image of the entire mouth, jaw and upper-neck, providing visual insights into the jaw structure, sinuses and wisdom teeth orientation unavailable via other dental x-rays.

South Down Dental Clinic

We operate on a dentist referral basis only.

Please speak to your dentist about getting referred to this clinic.

South Down Dental Clinic

How long does it take?

An initial consultation appointment lasting approximately 20 – 30 minutes will be required. The procedure time can vary between 1-2 minutes but this will vary on each individual patient’s needs.

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South Down Dental Clinic

How much does it cost?

Panoral Radiography services may be required to accompany a range of treatments at South Down Clinic. You will also be provided with a personalised treatment plan following a consultant appointment.

The following prices are a guide only please refer to our full price list for guidance on the cost of treatments that may require you to have a Panoral Radiograph.





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If you have any concerns about your treatment, please call the South Down Dental Clinic 028/(048 ROI) 3025 1715.