South Down Dental Clinic

Quality Assurance

This practice operates a quality assurance system

We ensures that:

  • All dental care provided is of a consistent quality
  • Effective measures of infection control are used
  • All legal requirements relating to health and safety are satisfied
  • All legal requirements relating to radiological protection are satisfied
  • All requirements of the General Dental Council in respect of the continuing professional development of dentists are satisfied

This policy applies to all members of our practice team

Patient feedback

The practice believes in engaging with its patients and responding to their views and needs.  Practice questionnaires are available in the waiting room. It solicits feedback via a suggestion box in the waiting room and online. Reports showing results of surveys and other feedback, and actions taken in response, are available to patients on request.

Complaints handling

The practice has a well structured complaints policy which indicates who deals with complaints and response times.  It is available on request and in the waiting room.  The practice will:

  • find out exactly what happened
  • make sure an explanation is received and
  • identify learning
  • provide latest RQIA annual complaints report on-line and in the waiting room.

For more information about our complaints handling process or raising a complaint please contact our reception team.

Respecting privacy and dignity

  • The privacy and dignity of patients is respected at all times.
  • The practice has a data protection and record keeping policy to ensure security, confidentiality and proper use of data.
  • All consultations and treatments are done in privacy by appropriate staff
  • Notes are done contemporaneously to the patient record.
  • Patients can request male/ female dentist.


RQIA is responsible for registering, inspecting and encouraging continuous improvement in a range health and social care services delivered by statutory and independent providers in accordance with the health and personal social services (quality, improvement and regulation) (northern Ireland) order 2003, and its supporting regulations

Our clinic under go’s an annual inspection by the RQIA , to view our inspection online go to – View inspection