South Down Dental Clinic

Prices & Payments

We make sure to provide a summary of total costs for every patient at the beginning of their treatment, alongside their treatment plan.

However, you will only pay for your treatment in stages, allowing you to spread the cost of treatments over time as it is being completed.

For your convenience, we provide a range of payment options for payments. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Individual payment plans are also available please speak to your dentist or our reception team. Get in touch to find out more.

Guide price list – Please be advised the following price list is for guidance only and an individual price will be developed for each patient prior to any treatment.

You may be asked for a deposit to secure reservation of a longer appointment.

We reserve the right to charge for cancelled appointments and appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice given.  The charge is based on £35 for a 15 minute appointment.

CT Scanning

One Jaw


Two Jaws



£90 - £120







Consultation and Exam


£70 - £120

Exam/ Review


Cosmetic Treatments

Composite Bonding

From £195 per tooth

Clear Aligners

From £1500



Soft Tissue Surgery


from £140




Routine Extractions


Wisdom Teeth





TMJ Dysfunction/Advice


Pre-orthodontic Surgery

Exposure of Canines

£250 - £350

Surgical packs

From £80

Gold chains


Removal Submerged E’s


OAF Closure


Removal of Impacted Canine


Implant surgery

Single Implant + Crown

from £2200

Block Bone Graft

from £800

Augmentation/Bovine Bone

from £350

Endodontic Diagnosis

Endodontic examination and consultation* £90 (to include standard radiographs, not CBCT)


Deconstruction and initial Endodontic access to assess pr (Also applicable if treatment needs to be abandoned due to an untoward finding.)


*A consultation is not always necessary if the diagnosis is clear and the dentist is happy that the tooth can be restored.

Primary Root Canal Treatment

Incisor tooth


Premolar tooth


Molar tooth


Non-Surgical Root Canal Re-Treatment

Incisor or Premolar tooth


Molar tooth


Microsurgical Endodontics

NB: Where a combination of both non-surgical and microsurgical treatment is required, the surgical fee is abated to 50% of full surgical cost. (For example, if a large lesion has become cystic)


Other fees

Removal of a post


Bypass or remove a fractured instrument etc


Placement of a fibre post and core build-up


Locate and negotiate canal(s) and return for treatment


Restorative Treatment

Root fillings

up to £600







Apical Surgery with Specialist

£500 - £600

Bonded Crowns


Procera Crown




Access restoration

£50 - £100



Bridge per unit

£350 - £450

F/F Acrylic Dentures Approx

£650 - £850

Specialist periodontal procedures

Full range of specialist periodontal procedures available including diagnosis and management of periodontitis, root coverage surgery, management of peri-implantitis, soft and hard tissue surgery, guided bone regeneration.

Periodontal consultation


Periodontal Treatment 1.5 hours


Treatment (normally 2 stages)

£450 - £700

Periodontal review


Post treatment evaluation


Specialist periodontal surgery

from £600


Dentist Sedation

£180 / hour

Antithesis Sedation

From £180