Oral Surgery

What is the treatment?

At South Down Dental Clinic our team are experts in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of oral problems requiring surgical intervention.

Problems such as soft and hard tissue conditions, impacted wisdom teeth, benign tumours and cysts, maxillofacial conditions, and restorative treatments for dental implants and dentures are skillfully taken care of by our oral surgeons.

These treatments may also involve intravenous sedation, and comprehensive guidance for patient recovery is provided by the South Down Dental team.

South Down Dental Clinic

We operate on a dentist referral basis only.

Please speak to your dentist about getting referred to this clinic.

South Down Dental Clinic

How long does it take?

An initial consultation appointment lasting approximately 20 – 30 minutes will be required. Dental implant treatment time is likely to be approximately 60 minutes but this will vary on the number of implants and each individual patient’s needs.

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South Down Dental Clinic

How much does it cost?

The following prices are a guide only and exclude any additional fees for consultation, xrays and CT scanning, sedation or biopsies (if required). You will be provided with a personalised treatment plan following a consultant appointment at the clinic. View our full price list.


£80 - £120


£120 + £50 for lab report

Exposure of Canines

£150 - £280

Surgical Packs


Gold Chains


Attachment of Gold Chain


Removal Submerged E's


Removal of Impacted Canine

£200 - £350

Routine Extractions

£30 - £60

Surgical Extraction

£40 - £80

Wisdom Teeth Uppers

£80 - £180

Wisdom Teeth Lowers

from £120

TMJ Dysfunctional / Advice


If you have any concerns about your treatment, please call the South Down Dental Clinic 028/(048 ROI) 3025 1715.