Crown Lengthening

What is the treatment?

The procedure involves removing soft tissue and sometimes bone to increase the amount of tooth that is visible.

A periodontist may perform the procedure on one tooth, several teeth, or the entire gum line.

South Down Dental Clinic

We operate on a dentist referral basis only.

Please speak to your dentist about getting referred to this clinic.

Recovery can depend on the type of procedure, and the dentist who performed it will give detailed instructions.

  • The area is numbed during the procedure so you do not experience pain. 
  • However, the person may experience discomfort or pain as the anaesthesia wears off.
  • Some people require anti-inflammatory medication, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, to relieve pain and inflammation after the procedure.
  • Minor swelling and bleeding can be expected for the first few days after a crown lengthening. The dentist may recommend applying a cold compress to the area to help with pain and swelling.
  • During recovery, consume a soft diet and rinse the mouth with water after meals. The dentist may also prescribe a chlorhexidine mouthwash for use twice a day after the surgery.


After the initial healing phase, the pain and swelling will fade and the gums will continue to shrink.

If you have any concerns about your treatment, please call the South Down Dental Clinic 028/(048 ROI) 3025 1715.